Resolution Found with the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

I’m impressed.

Within 12 hours from my initial complaint to the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel about their sub-par conditions, I had received an email apologizing for the discontent. Then within 20 minutes of my response today (to follow), we have received a refund for one night. I am very pleased with the outcome and the speed at which their Manager of Experience Engineering, Brandy Morris-Chaudhry, sought to resolve the issue.

I responded to her email today:


I greatly appreciate your kind note and do truly hope that the original room that we were assigned will be refurbished soon, along with many areas of the hotel that simply aren’t up to par given the notable Sheraton brand.

I am not particularly interested in staying at your hotel again, nor do I think I’ll be in Toronto any time soon. Instead I’d prefer a prepaid debit card of the same amount or a refund on our bill — paid under the name of Orian Marx.

Thank you for your attention to this problem and your dedication to creating positive experiences at the Sheraton Centre Toronto,
Whitney Hess

Within 20 minutes Brandy had sent this response:

Dear Ms. Hess,

Thank you again for your feedback. I have applied a credit of $197.17 to the MasterCard of Mr. Marx. Please accept my sincerest apologies for your experience and I do hope that you will reconsider staying with us the next time you are in Toronto.

Warmest regards,


The fact that she was able to meet my request for a refund and executed it so quickly goes to show how when the right people are given the authority to make good decisions, brands can truly flourish.

My negative feelings about the experience have been greatly diminished by the attention that Brandy Morris-Chaudhry paid to the issue and the good-natured tone she maintained through the exchange.

Experience Engineering prevails!

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