The Sheraton Responds!

[This is an update on the disappointing conditions I recently experienced at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel.]

Within 12 hours of my critical survey submission to TNS Global — the vendor who handles Sheraton’s customer satisfaction surveys — I received the following email from Sheraton’s Manager of Experience Engineering.

I’m really glad they’re listening.

Read the full email below.

Dear Ms. Hess,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our electronic survey and providing us with valuable feedback regarding your recent experience with us. Please accept my sincerest apologies that we were not able to exceed your expectations during your stay.

It is quite embarrassing to read about the state of your room. I have dispatched Engineering to complete the necessary repairs on this room to bring it up to standard. I am sorry that you experienced so many inconveniences during your stay with us. It would be a pleasure to welcome you back to the hotel as my VIP so that we can showcase our true potential as a service provider. Please forward me your mailing address and I will send off a complimentary gift certificate for a one night stay to return.

I invite and encourage you to connect with me should you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Warmest regards,

Manager, Experience Engineering, Sheraton Centre Toronto

This is a nice gesture, but I don’t know on what occasion I would need to stay somewhere for a single night, or why I would ever choose a Sheraton for a multi-night stay after this experience.

I hope they really do fix that room.

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  1. says

    Well, it's great that they responded, but how about you? I have to say that with chains you sometimes get the bad, but it in no way relfects on every Sheraton you'll stay at. Sometimes people just make mistakes, no matter what brand they're representing. My 2 cents.

    • says

      I absolutely agree. I've stayed at wonderful Sheraton Hotels all around the country. I suppose that's why the conditions of this particular hotel were so shockingly bad. Given the price we were paying for the room and the strength of the brand, I simply expected better.

  2. Jennifer says

    Nice to hear back, but the response covers only the room you were in, and little else. Sounds like the entire hotel needs work; not to mention any hotel in Toronto should consider heating earlier in the year considering it is most likely not locals they are serving, who may be accustomed to the temps.

    And, I'd prefer a credit rather than a gift certificate. I get that they want to try to win your business back, but I think companies would be better served to say, “Hey, we know we screwed up. Let us make the expense on your part a little less painful. We'll take a night off your bill.”

    Good for you on standing up for travelers everywhere :)

  3. smnawed says

    At least you got a response from them. Have you ever travelled to Sheraton Hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Make sure, you do. You'll realize, too much can spoil the image too.


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