Jeff Bezos says: obsess over customers

In the video below, Jeff Bezos, one of the greatest minds in customer experience, tells us “Everything I know” and discusses the acquisition of Zappos.

What Jeff Bezos knows:

  1. Obsess over customers
    “When given the choice of obsessing over competitors or obsessing over customers, we always obsess over customers.”
  2. Invent
    “Any time we have a problem, we never accept either/or thinking. We try to figure out a solution that gets both things.”
  3. Think long term
    “It requires and allows a willingness to be misunderstood.”
  4. It’s always Day 1
    “There’s always more invention in the future. Always more customer innovation. New ways to obsess over customers.”

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  1. David says

    I use because it's a ridiculously easy (non-painful) shopping experience. But as someone who owns a business who actually (GASP) interacts with his customers, I find the idea of Bezos talking about “obsessing over customers” a bit funny, at least if that is supposed to mean giving them good service above and beyond shipping an order efficiently and having an awesome website (and there is no doubt it IS brilliant).

    If you ever actually need to interact with someone at amazon God help you, you might as well hammer nails into your toes. Most of the time you get back a canned response from someone who clearly didn't even read your message.


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