Twitter FINALLY turns replies into mentions

My dreams have come true.

Twitter has finally turned their Replies functionality into what they’re calling Mentions. For more than two years, replies consisted only of tweets that began with the person’s username, leaving us to search for ourselves to find all the other tweets where we were mere mentions. Now that Twitter has killed replies, I can kill that Twitter Search tab I’ve had open in my browser for the past year. There it goes!

Ah, I feel so much better now. Don’t you?

Read Twitter’s blog post: Replies Are Now Mentions

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  1. says

    I second that! Although, I misread Twitter's announcement the first time around and thought they would be separate things. I would love it so much more if they would make mentions and keep replies. I love that we can track mentions now, I just think it's more important (for me at least) to see where people are speaking directly to me and/or in direct response to something I've said, rather than an off-hand mention of me.

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