IA Summit 2008: Brandon Schauer’s “The Long Wow”

Here are my notes from Brandon Schauer‘s talk titled “The Long Wow” at this year’s IA Summit.

  • The pedometer doesn’t change with your life. It’s the same every day
  • Meanwhile, Nike+ integrates with your sneakers, music, computer. It’s increasingly useful the longer you have it
  • Products with the Long Wow have user experience that unfolds over time
  • Customer loyalty is an important metric because it’s easier to keep an existing customer than to get a new one
  • Customer loyalty programs are bullshit because most people don’t know they’re a member nor are they aware of the rewards
  • Find the points in the experience that really matter and punctuate them. The customer will perceive overall experience as better
  • Oxo is great example of mastery of the Long Wow
  • Manage all the various touchpoints, tackle something they’ve never seen before, repeat and evolve the process to get better

More about The Long Wow on Brandon’s blog. Check out the slides below:

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