Spam that sells

I’ve received all sorts of crazy spam over the years, as I’m sure you all have. But this week I got a spam message that was targeted, personalized, and appealed to my deep desire for self-promotion:

I thought about telling you the company that sent this to me, but that would justify their unsolicited email. Suffice it to say that they sell “exclusive car advertising” at $65 for up to 20 chrome characters to affix on the back of your trunk. Ignore the fact that I don’t have a car to stick this to, but even if I did — is this a productive way to advertise a website? How can someone who’s driving a car remember a URL that they see on the back of the car in front of them? Take a photo, scribble it down while managing the wheel, text message it to themselves? I mean honestly, these people didn’t think it through.

Has anyone ever seen these out in the wild? If so, please send photos.

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