Where’s Whitney?

It’s been four days since I’ve managed to spend more than 5 minutes at the computer. I caught a cold, and since it was the third one in just three weeks, it really knocked me sideways. I’ve been in bed for about 22 hours a day, subtracting time sitting on the couch just for a change of scenery. With a fever, sore throat and cough, I haven’t watched much TV either. Just been getting a lot of rest.

I know I’m starting to feel better when I start to worry about work. I’ve been watching emails come in on the BlackBerry but haven’t been responding much. After a coughing fit I tried to get back to sleep, but I couldn’t stop myself from compiling the to-do list in my mind.

Just wanted to thank you for still reading the blog and sending me well wishes. I’ll be back to myself in no time. So much to write about, I don’t even know where to start.

Here’s hoping the bug passes you by…

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