The JDate Toolbar

I’m Jewish and I’m single, so it shouldn’t be any surprise to you that I’m on JDate. It’s raining and I’m home on a Friday night, so obviously I signed on. And what did I see? The JDate Toolbar!

I’ve used JDate on and off for years, and one day when I have the time and energy I’ll do a full usability evaluation of the site — and boy does it suck. But when I saw this I simply couldn’t wait to post it. Unfortunately I don’t have a PC so I can’t install the toolbar, and I have no intention of installing it at work.

As noted on the landing page, the JDate Toolbar “gives you fast access to JDate’s key features, including your inbox, matches and Hot List. You also get immediate notifications when other members send you a message, so you’ll never miss a chance to meet someone special.”

If they think I could lose the chance to meet that someone special in the 10 seconds it takes to log on to the site, I guess I’m screwed — and not in a good way.

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  1. Angelo says

    My gripe with J-Date is after your subscription lapses, the other members send messages to non-subscribers thinking they are messaging a fellow member with the ability to respond. Free members mainly fill the roles yet they aren’t functional and if I was paying for such a site at least I should be informed about this or who is a full member. Shame on J-Date for misrepresenting themselves and collecting all that money! If a guy doesn’t answer, he’s a cheap date and isn’t paying for the service – or is way too smart to shell out those high fees. I believe they allowed Instant Messaging to non-subscribers in the past but recently took that away also upon their last software upgrade. Again, without informing members. Just try and look up these details in their HELP or FAQ section. Toolbar? Do I need a Toolbar?

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