Gridjit is an easy way to turn your Twitter-verse into a grid view”

But why on earth would you want to? So far as I can tell, this serves absolutely no purpose. Just another example of “just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.”

Can anyone figure out how this is useful?


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    Hi Whitney –

    Congratulations – you’re the first negative commenter. :-)

    The main reason I created it is because the majority of Twitter clients out there (including the web client) feel chaotic to me because of the vertical, list layout. I’m one of those people who prefer things laid out in grids, with items grouped consistently (eg. all recent messages grouped by author) instead of the chronological, “river” view that others prefer. That’s it, really.

    The feedback I’ve received so far has been positive — I’m assuming it’s because there are other like me. At any rate, I believe in releasing early and often. Upcoming versions will feature full Twitter client functionality for those who prefer the Gridjit environment. If you feel like taking another look at it then, I’d welcome any feedback. If not, thanks for taking the time so far.



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    That is an interesting idea, but Twitter is a very chronological platform. If a conversation gets more than one reply deep, I don’t see how anyone could hope to follow it.

    One of my least favorite things about Twitter is when someone posts fifteen @ replies to people I don’t follow. Pulling people’s tweets out of the timeline would render conversations between people I do follow just as useless as those between people I don’t follow.

    I guess it depends on how you personally use Twitter, who you follow, and how you like to follow them. I’m always a fan of having options.

    They do need to hide the overflow on posts with long links or something though. :)


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