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A blogger’s worst nightmare

When you hit Save Draft and you get this message: WordPress Failure Notice: Your attempt to edit this post has failed. Please try again. Luckily for me, when I hit the Back button I discovered that WordPress had auto-saved the draft and none of my edits were lost. Still, perhaps they should consider using a [Keep Reading…]

Twitter changes its email notifications

By default, every time someone new follows you on Twitter, you get a notification via email (which you can turn off in the Settings, as I have). Yesterday I saw a bunch of people in my stream talking about a newly designed email notification so I decided to look into it. Here’s the old notification [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Tropicana grocery display

I don’t want to beat a dead horse here. We all know that Tropicana redesigned their cartons and there was a major backlash from consumers. In the end it was pulled from the shelves, but not before Matt Knell was able to snap this unbelievable pic: Matt showed me this photo on his iPhone recently [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Unattended Kids

This one wasn’t exactly a submission (I asked for it), but like yesterday’s it was snapped by someone other than me — the luminous Andrew Hinton. While we were in Memphis for the IA Summit, Andrew was enjoying a meal at the Flying Fish when he spotted this sign. WE LOVE KIDS, BUT PLEASE KEEP [Keep Reading…]

Old news: UX in the mainstream

Last summer when I was watching American Idol or some such thing, I walked into the kitchen during a commercial break but was quickly drawn back when this caught my ear: “The fun part is taking complex technology and making it easy to use for customers.” — Jason Johnson, UI designer for the Ford Focus [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Please don’t touch, lick, stroke or mount the exhibits

It’s Saturday, so let’s get a little risqué. Over Thanksgiving, the lovely Sharin and I took our 18-year-old friend Jason to the Museum of Sex (what else does one do with an 18-year-old boy?). I snapped a pic of this sign hung prominently near the entrance and posted it to Flickr. Somehow someone found it, [Keep Reading…]

Why the new Skittles website is ridiculous but I don’t actually care

Skittles is one of my favorite candies. I love opening up a fresh pack, finding one of each color and squishing them together to make a rainbow. It just makes me happy. I’ve been eating Skittles my whole life and I’ve been on a computer my whole life, and yet never in a million years [Keep Reading…]