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Independently employed? What’s your retirement plan?

I’ve been independent since August 2008, and prior to that I had been contributing to my company-sponsored 401(k) since college (at each of my three previous full-time jobs). When I went solo, I was given the option to keep my money in my last company’s 401(k) plan indefinitely — but obviously without their matching contributions. [Keep Reading…]

Thanks is never enough

Thank you to Mr. Dan Kramarsky who in the eighth grade suggested that I elect to take the Computer Science class in ninth grade. Thank you to Mr. Charles Rice who let me take his one Computer Science class for all four years of high school, and encouraged me to consider applying to Carnegie Mellon [Keep Reading…]

Loosecubes and the future of work

In August 2005, I formed an LLC and started doing freelance work on the side of my full-time job. In August 2008, I quit my full-time job to pursue independent consulting and self-employment. In November 2008, I became one of the first members of New Work City and started growing my career through the coworking [Keep Reading…]

Proud to announce that I’m now a UX advisor for RedStamp

I’m incredibly fortunate to be in a position to chat with prospective clients pretty frequently. But to be perfectly honest, if I’ve only had one 30-minute conversation with someone, I tend not to remember the details months later. Last April I was introduced to Erin Newkirk, CEO and co-founder of RedStamp, a company putting style [Keep Reading…]

My 2nd Indie Anniversary

On the afternoon of Friday, August 22, 2008, I “left work” for the last time. It was my last day at my full-time job and I was officially self-employed. The last two years have been a whirlwind, and the benefits and repercussions of that single action have been far more significant than I ever could [Keep Reading…]

The 5-Year Anniversary of My LLC

With all of my elation yesterday, I completely forgot to acknowledge that on August 3, 2005, I signed the paperwork that established my LLC. I was 7 months into my first full-time job at Digitas, and struggling to make ends meet. Since friends and family were already asking me to “just help them” with their [Keep Reading…]

Fulfilling My Dreams, and Saying No Along the Way

I am crying. And I am desperately trying not to smear the mascara I just put on. I’m emotional this morning (well, more emotional than normal) because a professional dream of mine has been fulfilled: I’ve been published by A List Apart. I read A List Apart when I was in college and needed to [Keep Reading…]