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Featured in The Art of Web Design by PBS Off Book

I’m honored to have been featured in the latest episode of Off Book, a documentary series by PBS, alongside greats Jeffrey Zeldman and Jason Santa Maria. Titled The Art of Web Design, the video gives a high-level overview of how the web is made and how it has evolved. Not surprisingly, I focused on why it’s important to keep your users at the center of every design decision you make.

It’s never easy to succinctly explain such a complex topic, and depth must be sacrificed for clarity. We shot almost an hour’s worth of footage, which was edited down to less than 2 minutes. While I don’t think I was my most eloquent, that has everything to do with me being nervous and long-winded, and nothing to do with their editing.

Thank you to the team at Kornhaber Brown who conducted the interviews and produced the video for PBS. I am delighted and grateful that they chose to include me.

I hope you’ll find it a useful tool to share with others to better highlight the complexities of what we do.

[Fun to see the video picked up by Gizmodo, Boing Boing, The Atlantic and The Verge.]

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