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Interaction-design.org’s Encyclopedia is live!

Interaction-design.org is a Denmark-based foundation that explores research on all human-centered aspects of technology. In an effort to create world-class educational materials for free, they have just launched an open-access, peer-reviewed encyclopedia. The first seven chapters were released today, with many more to be published in the coming months.

I was invited by editor-in-chief Mads Soegaard to write a commentary on Marc Hassenzahl’s encyclopedia entry on User Experience and Experience Design. The other commentaries were written by Don Norman and Eric Reiss.

A dictionary attempts to define the words of a language. An encyclopedia contains informational articles that explore a variety of subjects. Interaction-design.org’s encyclopedia does not purport to define the terms our practice, but rather to examine its purpose.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Marc’s article and the accompanying commentaries. Thank you.

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