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Make sure that whatever you design is fitting a need in the world and has a purpose

I have officially made it. I was quoted by Catriona Cornett on inspireUX.

“Differentiate yourself by fully understanding the problem before you attempt to solve it… Don’t just fall in love with a solution and go full-force on making it look great, but really make sure that whatever you design is fitting a need in the world and has a purpose.” – Whitney Hess

Being featured on inspireUX is a true honor because it is a collection of inspirational quotes by some of the most influential user experience professionals. I scour the site frequently for nuggets that I can pass on to my clients or use to help mold my own thinking.

The quotation came from my video to aspiring designers in Liz Danzico‘s talk at Career Camp.

Thank you, Catriona!

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  1. No problem, Whitney! I was surprised to realize I hadn't quoted you yet, since you have so many great nuggets from your blog and from other things you have done. I'm sure there will be many more quotes from you featured on inspireUX in the future :) Thanks for the post! I appreciate it :)

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