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Twitter talk at the IxDA NYC Recap of Interaction 09

Last night, IxDA NYC hosted a recap event of the Interaction 09 conference in Vancouver last month. Thanks to our lovely hosts, JPMorgan Chase, and to all of the volunteers who helped pull it together.

MJ Broadbent, one of IxDA NYC’s fabulous local leaders, asked if I would be willing to talk about how Twitter was used at the conference. Hmm…I wonder why ;)

It was an interesting challenge to demonstrate the incredible value that Twitter brings to a conference. I hope I was able to fully communicate how much it enhances the experience for attendees and non-attendees alike.

Feel free to check out my presentation below:

A couple links I mentioned in the presentation

All tweets about Interaction 09
Yoni’s Tweet-to-Blog

Word up to those folks whose tweets I included in the talk

@askrom, @fred_beecher, @mariobourque, @semanticwill, @daveixd, @jkolko, @mmilan, @louisrosenfeld, @matto, @brunofigueiredo, @clearwired, @docbaty, @emenel, @jeanmarie, @ebacon, @joshviney, @carlalviani, @yoni, @mediajunkie, @jeepu, @feadog, @meredi and anyone else I left out.

If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to leave them in the comments below, or @ me on Twitter.

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