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Photo of the day: Walker Tennis Balls

You’ve all seen this before: tennis balls on a walker. In fact, Google walker tennis balls and you’ll get 329,000 results. The first three: How to Make a Walker Glide Most Easily, CWI Medical’s Walker Tennis Balls, and a blog post Tennis Balls and Walker, an Ultimate User Hack.

If the manufacturers of adult walkers ever took a moment to actually observe people using their product, they’d realize that every geriatric in the known universe has tennis balls on the back legs of their walkers to make them slide instead of having to keep picking them up with each step. It’s such a popular solution that medical companies sell pre-cut tennis balls that easily fit!

Other products that remind me of walker tennis balls:

The chip clip

The iPod case

Dryer sheets

These are products that are widely sold solely because the products with which they are used are somehow deficient. Isn’t it amazing that the original products haven’t been improved to resolve the problem?

What others can you think of?

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  • http://www.alvear.com Jose Alvear

    Ha, that's funny. I've wondered the same thing. Why don't the companies that manufacture walkers just add the tennis balls on the legs? It seems so easy and simple. I wonder if there's a Flickr group with photos of walker tennis balls.

  • http://sportcraftpingpong.blogspot.com/ randy

    nice idea…
    i've never seen it before

  • http://www.walkandroll.biz Rich Babbitt

    WALK & ROLL™

    “Tennis Balls…with Attitude!” ™

    Introducing a new line of pre-cut walker tennis balls
    featuring a cast of characters to smile about!

  • http://www.walkerrunners.com Barry Freeman

    If you go to my website, you’ll see my answer to tennis balls. “The Walker Runner”, patented and copyrighted and trademarked, with the magic being “SafetyFelt.” Also patented, copyrighted, and trademarked. Call me. Barry

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