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Twitter finally integrates Twitter Search a.k.a. Summize

In July I mentioned that Twitter bought Summize, a search engine that indexes tweets, and redirected the site to http://search.twitter.com. Now finally, almost 8 months later, Twitter Search is fully integrated into the Twitter top nav.

A search box is now globally accessible and the top 10 trending topics are displayed in a dropdown. In order to make space, they’ve moved the Profile and Settings links down under the username, where it actually makes more sense.

Previously the top nav looked like this:

Interestingly, when you search from the Twitter nav bar, the results appear in a Twitter.com wrapper and the URL shows that “source=navbar” has been appended.

Still, when you search from Twitter Search directly, you still get results in the old Summize visual design.

Twitter started testing this change last month with a select group of folks (I was not one of them), but the change just became public today. Read more about it on the Twitter blog.

I’m curious to see how Twitter continues to better integrate tweet search, and of course will update you here.

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  1. Definitely very cool.

  2. I don't have it yet.


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