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Pleasure and Pain is #1 on Google

Yeah, so sometimes I Google myself. And for some reason tonight I Googled “pleasure and pain.” Imagine my shock when I saw that this measly 11-month-old blog, my pride and joy, is the #1 search result (when in quotes — #3 when not in quotes).

Pleasure and Pain on Google

Thank you for your continued support. I really love this thing, but I love all of you more.

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  1. Steve Baty says:

    I think it's amazing that you beat out The Divinyls on those keywords :)

  2. Georgina, eh? ;) It's fun being #1, isn't it!

  3. joshuakaufman says:

    Well done. And I continue to be amazed that I'm usually in the top 15 for “joshua” and consistently #1 for “unraveled”.

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