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IA Summit 2008: LukeW’s “Content Page Design Best Practices”

I was very happy to have caught the reprise of Luke Wroblewski‘s “Content Page Design Best Practices” at the IA Summit. Thanks to Luke for doing it twice!

Here’s what I twittered during the talk:

  • Content = making good on the links that sites deliver across the web
  • Before redesign, Chicago Tribune article page: 24% content, 76% site overhead
  • Meanwhile The New York Times has 90% of page devoted to content
  • In Taiwan, if you post a question on Yahoo! Answers you can get an answer in 45 seconds. It’s 5 minutes in the US
  • 1. Make sure expectations are set with link titles.
  • 2. Make good on promise with page content.
  • 3. Use visual hierarchy to manage attention.
  • White space helps create visual hierarchy. People don’t stay long. 25% docs displayed less than 4 seconds. 52% of all visits less than 10 seconds.
  • Deliver on promises. Favor visual hierarchy over site hier. Short, concise & scannable allows for more engagement with content
  • “Spare us your site map” It’s inserted in the sidebar of Chicago Tribune website
  • The simplest choice on a webpage is the Back button
  • If viewing of a link falls from 80% to 60%, likelihood of it being clicked falls by 50%
  • Context = where you are and what you can do there. But we can use where you came from to modify the view
  • Visual design is used to build credibility

Read more about content page design on Luke’s blog. Download the PDF of slides by clicking below:

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  1. I think pleasure and pain must be a new technology for human experience in the world

  2. The simplest choice on a web page is the Back button i like that

  3. great article, thanks !

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