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Internet Famous

My friend Sasha pulled this out of last week’s issue of The New Yorker. Apparently it reminded her of me.

do i need to remind you that i have a huge internet following

I think many of us can identify. I check my blog stats compulsively. My heart swells when someone new starts following me on Twitter. I almost jump for joy when someone posts a comment on my blog. I’m far from Internet Famous, but I think many of us mistake the popularity of our blog posts, or tweets, or general written musings, with real-world popularity. We’re still just dorks sitting at the computer, no matter how you slice it.

Do the geekiest thing of all and go buy your own framed prints and t-shirts with the cartoon on it. And remember what Napoleon said: “Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.”

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  1. I think I’ll order one of those shirts for you. It’ll give you better standing ;)

    We all want to be famous, and believe we are the greatest thing to have blessed the internet. It happens.

  2. That comic speaks to me. :-)

  3. If you want to be more internet famous, it can be done… that’s the power of it, however it does take time.

    You could take the class offered by the guy in this video:


    Adam N.

  4. Great little cartoon…

    Just a dork at a computer eh? But dorks are stupid and, from what I can tell, you're far from stupid! ;)

    That guy who cried and cried about Britney (Spears) on YouTube got Internet famous didn't he? …Okay, dorks at computers it is! :D

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