When You Startup With UX

On Wednesday, UX Magazine published my article, When You Startup with UX — a look into how a few successful startups are integrating user experience practices. I posed 5 questions to 5 people (4 folks at 3 different startups and 1 venture capitalist) to find out how they think about UX and what it means [Keep Reading…]

The UX Design Process for the Boxee Beta

More than a year ago I very proudly announced that Boxee, the much-loved social media center software company, had hired me as the user experience designer for their beta. In the five months that I worked with them, I conducted user interviews and usability testing to identify people’s needs, behaviors and frustrations, and redesigned the [Keep Reading…]

NY Tech Meetup: The European Edition

Last night, Dawn Barber and Meetup.com CEO and co-founder Scott Heiferman hosted a special edition of NY Tech Meetup at Meetup HQ. NY Tech Meetup: European Edition gave 11 startups from all over Europe the chance to wow us tough New Yorkers with 3-minute demos of their webapps. The companies are all 2009 winners of [Keep Reading…]

I did the UX design for Brighter Planet

I am thrilled to announce that the new Brighter Planet website is now live and in beta. I am proud to have been the user experience designer on this project, blessed with the opportunity to work with an amazing Happy Cog team: Jeffrey Zeldman, creative director; Erin Kissane, content strategist; Naz Hamid, designer; Aaron Gustafson, [Keep Reading…]

The boxee website redesign

A few days ago, boxee announced a big redesign to their website. As their user experience consultant, I helped to make the site easier to use and gave greater prominence to some key features — like finding friends and managing web services. The necessity for these changes became very apparent during the interviews I conducted [Keep Reading…]

Ultra Light User Experience

A couple months ago Graham Lawlor asked me to be on the July panel for Ultra Light Startups, a group of entrepreneurs who collaborate to help each other launch startups quicker and cheaper. Their events have a unique format. As Graham describes it, “The first hour is ‘introductions by elevator pitch’ where people give a [Keep Reading…]