Tips and Tricks for BlackBerry Users

If you’ve been reading this blog for long enough, you know I don’t own an iPhone. How is it possible for a designer to not own an iPhone? Read one of my most popular posts: “Why I don’t have an iPhone (but might someday).” I am the proud owner of a BlackBerry 8830 World Edition [Keep Reading…]

Why I Work at New Work City

New Work City, a new coworking space in New York City (get the name?!), opened its doors on Monday, November 3, and I’m pleased to say that I am a part-time member. What’s “coworking,” you ask? It’s a new movement for freelancers and small business owners of all kinds to stop working at home or [Keep Reading…]

10 Worthwhile Twitter Bots

Yeah, you get it. I love Twitter. It’s a great place to connect with new and interesting people, but it’s also just a good platform for information delivery and in some cases productivity. Some of these are actual bots (automated accounts) while others are just run by an organization — I’m lumping them into the [Keep Reading…]

Twitter buys Summize

Twitter’s search engine has always pretty much sucked. The functionality was put on the site in August 2007, but it only searches username, location, bio and URL — not the actual tweets in the stream. Lots of folks out there have used the Twitter API to build their own search engine, the most popular of [Keep Reading…]

Feed Reader: Inbox Zero

Oh happy day! As I’ve said before, I find it nearly impossible to keep up with the steady stream of information that gets pushed at me all sorts of ways. In the case of my RSS feeds, I’ve opted in, chosen to receive this deluge of content, and yet it still feels like a job [Keep Reading…]

(In)Consistency in keyboard shortcuts

More and more I’ve been using web apps in lieu of the traditional desktop applications I used for years. Primarily it’s because, like many of you, I have a home computer and a work computer; storing information online makes it far easier to access from both locations, particularly when one’s a Mac and one’s a [Keep Reading…]

The catch-up obligation

I subscribe to one daily newspaper, two weekly magazines, three monthly magazines and 42 RSS feeds. I receive about 100 non-spam emails per day on my personal account and 50-75 on my work account. I have more than 50 books on my bookcase at home waiting to be read. I spend an inordinate amount of [Keep Reading…]