In 2008, You Changed Me

In the past year, my life has turned upside down. It was more than I ever wanted and everything I needed. And it happened because of all of the amazing people whom I just happened to cross paths with, whom I sought out, who sought me out, who were introduced to me, or whom I [Keep Reading…]

Data Visualization Inspiration

In the spirit of sharing responses to Twitter questions (see last post on business cards), I wanted to post the list of resources that were sent to me when I asked the following question: I’m working on a project that will probably need to show trend data and since I’m beginning to work on the [Keep Reading…]

IDEA Conference 2008: Day 2

This is a continuation of my coverage from the IDEA Conference in Chicago from October 7-8, 2008. My Day 1 roundup can be found here. The speakers from Day 2 were Chris Crawford, Alberto Cañas, Jason Fried, Aradhana Goel, Bill DeRouchey and Andrew Hinton. Let’s get right to it… Chris Crawford: “Linguistic User Interfaces” Chris [Keep Reading…]

IDEA Conference 2008: Day 1

I’m finally getting a chance to post the roundups of my tweets at the IDEA conference in Chicago, October 7-8, 2008. It was an incredible two days of high-level thinking and insights. Not necessarily material that you can apply to your every day work — not suggestions on how to create better looking documentation or [Keep Reading…]

The outpouring of love for Randy Pausch

When I found out yesterday morning that Randy Pausch had passed away the night before, I felt a wave of regret pour over me. For the things I never said. Like: “Thank you for showing me that my purpose in life is to make other people’s lives better.” That would have been a good start. [Keep Reading…]