Quotes to live by

The design team moved downstairs to a new office space last week. We took over the former space of Jack Morton, an experience marketing agency. On one of the walls in the lobby is a set of quotes presumably said by Jack himself. I walked past a bunch of times without paying much attention, but finally took the time to read through them this morning.

While they may be truisms, I share them with you now because I like the perspective and want to do a better job of keeping them top of mind.

“There’s nothing wrong with having nothing to say unless you insist on saying it.”

“Assistance, given freely with affection, helps sustain a bright outlook for everyone involved.”

“Even though we may never find it, looking for the good in others is a happier life.”

“Remember, everything is easy if you know how to do it.”

“A lot of people are too much suds and too little soap.”


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