Facebook helps users “clean up” their profiles

Facebook has finally realized that people’s profiles are out of control. Yes, it’s great that they allow users to run third-party applications in their profiles as a form of self-expression and entertainment (free to the user and the developer), but when you’re just looking for someone’s contact information it can be impossible to find in the sea of time-wasters.

To remedy the situation, Facebook has introduced the concept of an “Extended Profile.” You can designate which boxes in your profile are in a sense secondary, and have them collapsed on your page by default. It reduces the clutter, lets the page load faster, and identifies to the visitor what the most important page content really is.

To clean up your profile, just find the “Edit Extended Profile” link at the very bottom of your profile page.

When clicked, a layer appears allowing you to select any of the boxes on your page (with the exception of a few standard ones) and move them to your extended profile. And presto! It’s that simple.

Go do it, encourage your friends to do it, and together we’ll be able to improve the usability of (one of) our most frequent online destinations.

Read more about it on the Facebook Developer’s page.

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