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A blogger’s worst nightmare

When you hit Save Draft and you get this message:

WordPress Failure Notice: Your attempt to edit this post has failed. Please try again.

Luckily for me, when I hit the Back button I discovered that WordPress had auto-saved the draft and none of my edits were lost.

Still, perhaps they should consider using a slightly less severe tone. Failure Notice is a bit harsh, don’t you think? Doesn’t seem to fit with the WordPress brand, and it certainly didn’t make me feel very good!

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  • http://erielookingproductions.info Stephen Michael Kellat

    Yikes! I operated a WordPress blog once upon a time. Nowadays I use Nanoblogger as I don't want too many operating bits of the server.

    I'm glad to hear the auto-save rescued you.

  • http://shimone.info iamshimone

    Another option is to use an offline editor such as MarsEdit (OSX) which connects to your blog directly. I'm sure similar tools are available for PC users. Local drafts FTW!

    • http://www.whitneyhess.com/blog Whitney Hess

      I've used MarsEdit before and I just didn't like the formatting. Perhaps I'll give it another try.

  • lisarex

    Then again….

    Not seconds after I read this blog post, @clairethomey Twittered “Fabulous. MacBook Pro power cord died. I've got 4 blog posts locked in my MarsEdit as local drafts until my new one gets shipped. *fail*”

    Oh dear! Life is a no-win situation sometimes, isn't it?

    I've also had WordPress present me with that ominous error message, but my blog post was there. I tend to compose posts in a Mail window, then paste to WP when I'm ready to finesse.

  • http://www.waltribeiro.net/ WaltRibeiro

    I agree Failure notice is harsh. They should lighten it up by writing Failur3 notic3.

    That way it keeps the point, but brightens the tone :)

  • http://davidwrotethis.wordpress.com/2009/04/28/how-i-became-a-luddenite/ David

    Instead of “Failure Notice,” how about “Hugs and Kisses”?