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Web 2.0 Expo NY: Friday keynotes

The wi-fi was down at the Javits Center during the Web 2.0 Expo NY keynotes on Friday. And the cell service was spotty. I did my best to capture some golden nuggets. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go at my normal speed so I didn’t get as much down as I’d have liked. Hopefully video will be posted online soon.

Arianna Huffington interviewed by Tim O’Reilly

  • Q: How’d you get here? A: Being Greek, having an accent, and having passion
  • Huffington Post has 2,000 bloggers and 30 moderators approving comments 24 hrs a day
  • 60 people on staff in New York. Ad team on admin one floor, editorial and dev on one floor.
  • 60 people on staff in New York. Ad team and admin on one floor, editorial and dev on one floor.
  • Bloggers work around the clock and editors who guide content. But it’s their specific perspective and attitude.
  • They don’t believe they need to be impartial. Q: so you’re like Rupert Murdoch. A: “Non we want to shape the debate based on facts”
  • “The world is not flat. You don’t always have to present both sides of the argument.”
  • “Sarah Palin is a distraction. It’s like watching a really good soap opera…and then suddenly real life set in and we woke up”
  • Arianna says that the next big trend will be to unplug and recharge. It’ll make us better at everything we do.
  • Arianna meditates, goes yoga, hikes and gets enough sleep. Tim O’Reilly “splits wood”

Genevieve Bell

  • Talking about remaking the internet, a smaller version of her talk yesterday.
  • We don’t *really* need the Internet in real time, though many of us have become accustomed to it. It still has value asynchronously

IBM fellow Irene Greif

Jay Adelson of Digg and Revision3

  • Talking about collaborative filtering. Hyper-personalization is the next wave

    [Slides here]

Ben Huh of I Can Has Cheezburger

  • “Every single piece of Web 2.0 content has a building block of just two people”

    [Slides here]

Shana Fisher, head of strategy at IAC

Dan Lyons of Newsweek, a.k.a The Fake Steve Jobs

  • “Being an old media guy at Web 2.0 Expo and hearing from all these people is like attending your funeral in advance”
  • The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs started in July 06. Been on hiatus in June since Jobs started looking sick at WWDC
  • Why? “Boredom. As a reporter, covering IBM is the worst thing in the world. Their PR dept’s job is to make your life a living hell”
  • As a guy in his 40s, he couldn’t get a job writing on the dot com so he started his own blog. Spoof CEO blog that’s really naked
  • It became kind of a parody on blogging itself. Comic strip evolves into news
  • Then prez of Forbes, where Dan was working, wrote an article, “Who is Fake Steve Jobs?” Completely didn’t know. Even offered a job
  • Why does it work? It became a performance space for the community. That’s what Twitter & Facebook really are. Places to consume & create

    [Slides here]

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