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GEL 2008: Day 2, Session 2 “Twist”

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Session 2: Twist

Speakers: Bridget Duffy, George Vaillant, Lelavision, Natasha Schüll

Twist: taking the familiar and adding something unexpected

Bridget Duffy, Chief Experience Officer of Cleveland Clinic

  • She’s bringing good experience into health care
  • Shows cartoon of a dr saying to a patient “I think you’ll find I’m one of the most empathetic doctors around” in a gown exposing his butt
  • When Bridget Duffy was first hired, her title was Chief Empathy Officer, but it evolved to Experience.
  • We shouldn’t treat the patient as diseased parts; we should treat them as a whole human being
  • “Navigator” program created at Cleveland Clinic to guide patient throughout the entire emotional experience
  • Redesigned the patient gown to “restore dignity and respect” — covered the butt, shin-length, slits give access for stethoscope
  • US patient survey found that ppl weren’t communicated to with respect, helped on time, and had pain well managed
  • Cleveland Clinic improving food and housekeeping, focusing on human-to-human connections. Only 20% of healing connected to machines

George Vaillant, psychiatrist and professor at Harvard Medical School

  • George just published Spiritual Evolution: A Scientific Defense of Faith
  • Positive emotions are important not just because they’re cozy but for the survival of humankind and the planet
  • The notion of “killing with kindness” is a reality. Uses example of the mother who took in the man who killed her son
  • The words faith, trust, joy, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion are no where mentioned in Vaillant’s foremost psychiatric textbook
  • The 4 F’s: Fighting, fleeing, feeding, lust ;)
  • Positive emotions evolve genetically, culturally, developmentally

A slide from George Vaillant’s talk — and it mentions pleasure and pain!

Lelavision, performance artists

  • This guy is making a flute by drilling out a carrot
  • Playing a seaweed saxophone he made. And styrofoam harp.
  • Don’t worry, I’m taking lots of photos
  • They try to exploit all the possible ways to use each object

[More videos coming soon]

Natasha Schüll, cultural anthropologist

  • Natasha is currently studying our interactions with slot machines
  • Slot machines in supermarkets, airports, gas stations. Video poker is the favorite of locals. Las Vegas has more than 100 Gamblers Anonymous meetings a week
  • “The Zone” — dissociated state in which time and space are gone
  • Slot machines were designed for female partners of players at the tables. But they’re not the “one arm bandits” they used to be
  • Screen, chair, everything around it designed to keep you connected to the machine and not tired
  • Harrah’s determines when pain points occur for a player and then sends out a “luck embassador” to give out a coupon or free dinner

NOTE: You can see all my photos of the conference or check out the photos by professional photographer Gene Driskell.

[Also check out other GEL 2008 posts: Day 1; Day 2 Session 1 “Connect”, Session 3 “Make”, Session 4 “Success”]

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    It was about time doctors started seeing us patients as humans and not just organ donors. I think they had to handle us like that in order not to get attached and suffer is something bad happened.
    Johanna Bartley,
    Chicago chiropractor


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