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No, that’s not me

If you Google “whitney hess” and find this:

You’ll get this:


But sorry, boys. That’s not me.

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  • http://del.icio.us/meryn Meryn Stol

    Why not?

  • http://personatalie.us Natalie Jost

    That’s funny! I hope there are results for you near hers though.

    I once googled my maiden name which is a pretty rare name, you know how someone from high school might, and found it used as a character in a book.

  • http://usabilityworks.org Matthew Oliphant

    No comparison.

  • http://www.inkblurt.com Andrew Hinton

    She looks like she’s wondering why poor people have no maps …

  • http://www.wespages.com Wessel

    You are 83823482928.32 x more cute :-)

  • Eduardo

    And I thought all along that you just didn’t want to be my FB friend! Silly me ;)