Speaking Appearances

Watch Whitney share her 10 UX principles in 5 minutes flat!

Whitney Hess has spent a decade evangelizing the principles and philosophy of User Experience at conferences and in boardrooms around the world.

Her presentations have been attended by more than 12,500 audience members in 25 cities across 4 continents, and have been viewed more than 442,500 times on Slideshare.

Whitney is currently speaking on the following topics:

  • User Experience, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness
  • Compassion for Customers and Colleagues
  • Designing an Organizational Culture
  • User Research and Product Strategy
  • The Principles of User Experience
  • User Experience Misconceptions

Barak DaninWhitney’s talk captured the audience’s attention and got superb feedback. Some said it was the best talk in the entire conference. She was eloquent and confident on stage, obviously an experienced speaker.” — Barak Danin, conference organizer

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Whitney’s Presentations

What’s Your Problem?


Shawn JohnstonWhitney was a dream. Her talk was exemplary and a bright point of an otherwise stellar day. I’d invite her back in a heartbeat and would recommend her as a consummate pro to any and all fellow organizers without hesitation.” — Shawn Johnston, conference organizer

Principles of User Experience

Do-It-Yourself UX


Evangelizing Yourself