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Plot Your Course – personal development coaching

For people who want to be the captain of their own ship
We all need tools to help us find our way — and we won’t get very far if we fail to plan how to get from here to there. Do you know what route to take and what obstacles may be in your way? Do you have a strategy?

It may be time to Plot Your Course if:

  • You’re at a crossroads, and need help figuring out the next step
  • You have big goals, but don’t know how to accomplish them
  • You’ve been grappling with something for a while, and aren’t making the progress you’ve been looking for
  • You feel like something is missing, but can’t identify what it is
  • You want to do more of the work you love, but can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen
  • You want to switch gears, but are worried you’re not ready

I will always be grateful for your help with my own journey. I’ve had to do the work, but your listening, reframing, and guidance have been such a huge help. Even when I do have those moments of doubt, I think of our conversations and the tools you’ve given me to push forward.” – A.M

People who work with Whitney to plot their course have:

  • Designed their own path
  • Launched new products and side projects
  • Overcome self-doubt and quieted their inner critic
  • Earned raises and promotions
  • Been entrusted with new responsibilities
  • Thrived during times of change
  • Made more time for fun
  • Began dating again
  • Found their dream jobs
  • Moved to their favorite cities
  • Discovered new passions
  • Became more physically active
  • Established healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Redefined how they measure success
  • Reduced their medication
  • Built a better rapport with their bosses, coworkers and direct reports
  • Gotten hired after years of unemployment
  • Conquered reproductive challenges
  • Won awards for their work
  • Heard “Yes” after a string of “No”s
  • Disposed of decades
  • Slowed down

When you work with Whitney to Plot Your Course, you do all the hard work. You begin to see your true self and recognize your inherent capabilities. You receive the tools to release the past, create more beneficial habits, build new skills, and seek support where needed. And you get Whitney’s encouragement every step of the way.

Your guidance on self-love, self-care and self-awareness has not only brought joy and gratitude in my life, but a renewed sense of purpose in my work. You have taught me more than just skills of self-reliance — you have given me the ability to find trust within myself when I feel lost. That is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.” – J.C.

When you Plot Your Course, you’ll receive:

  • A personalized coaching program tailored to your specific issue (including the purpose and intended outcomes of our coaching engagement)
  • Recommended practices and exercises to help create the desired shift
  • Private twice-monthly one-hour sessions with Whitney, for a minimum of 15 sessions, to check on your progress, discuss new insights and address any challenges

When you Plot Your Course, you get a mix of cognitive, emotional and physical exercises: self-reflection, self-observation, self-adjustment, and a lot of experimentation to see what works best.

As your coach, Whitney doesn’t try to give you the answers to your own life, but instead will help guide you in a positive direction. She will be an ally, a sounding board, and a mirror. There are no judgments, no evaluations, and most of all, no pre-defined path. You’ll figure it all out together along the way.

I’m thrilled that I was able to be a part of this with you. I’ve gained so much from our work together, there are no words to say just how appreciative I am for all of your guidance and wisdom. Thank you so very, very, very much. It really is an honor to have you as my coach.” — C.B.

Whitney Hess

Plot Your Course Timeline

Part 1: Determining Your Desired Destination
  • Session 1: Getting to know you. Whitney will spend 90 minutes asking you a myriad of questions about all areas of your life to get the full picture of your current situation. Clients have said these questions teach them so much about themselves in just one session.
  • Session 2: Offering a program. After taking some time to assess and plan, Whitney will present you with the proposed purpose and outcomes of your coaching engagement together. This includes a clear articulation of the shift that needs to be made in terms that will give you a fresh perspective on your journey. Whitney will then offer a preliminary practice and exercise for you to take on to begin creating that shift, and together you’ll discuss ways to stick to doing them.

Note: After Session 2, it is your decision whether you wish to proceed with the coaching program Whitney has devised. If you end here, you will walk away with a few new tools for working through your situation on your own. If you continue on with Whitney, she will guide you through your desired shift every step of the way.

Part 2: Ensuring You Reach Your Destination
  • Sessions 3-12: Providing ongoing support. Every hour-long session will begin with you sharing your progress, including any insights gained and obstacles encountered. Whitney will then offer additional practices and exercises to maintain your momentum or refocus your efforts as needed. She will also help you reframe challenges that arise to see them in a new light, as indications of or opportunities for continued growth.
Part 3: Enjoying Your Destination to the Fullest
  • Taking a break. The initial program is 12 sessions over a period of 5-6 months. Upon completion, you and Whitney will reflect back on where you were when you began and where you are now, drawing attention to the shift you’ve created for yourself. Now is your chance to revel in the rewards of your hard work.
  • Sessions 13-15: Checking in. You will have follow-up sessions with Whitney scheduled 1, 3 and 6 months after your program completion. During these sessions, you will share your new insights from this vantage point, and discuss any practices or exercises that need to be tweaked to keep the momentum going. Everything you’ve learned up until now will be reinforced and deepened.
Part 4: Deciding Where to Go Next
  • Sessions 16-?: Extending your program. Once your engagement comes to a close, you may choose to continue working with Whitney or end there. The decision is yours. If you renew, together you will identify a new issue to tackle, and the cycle will begin again.

I’ve been thinking how really significant these conversations with you have been over the past few months. I NEVER would have thought I’d be living the BEAUTIFUL life I am right now. When you are at a personal low, it is impossible to believe ANYTHING positive. Even the days when I couldn’t believe — you helped me pull through and gave me sometimes such simple strategies that helped me keep moving forward. They seem so simple because they seemed to be things I already knew. Thank you for LISTENING to me and reiterating the wisdom I already had.” — T.R.

Coaching has a myriad of definitions and approaches. There are life coaches, executive coaches, career coaches, and so on. But to Whitney, people are whole human beings whether they’re at work, at home, or anywhere in between. We bring all of who we are into every context of our lives, and improvement in one area naturally leads to improvement in all others.

Whitney is a Certified Integral Coach through New Ventures West and is certified in Social and Emotional Intelligence assessments. Integral Coaching — the integration of mind, heart and body — is based on the belief that people lose themselves when they’re thinking one thing, feeling another thing, and acting another way entirely. We become our most powerful selves when our thoughts, feelings and actions are working in tandem.

As your coach, Whitney helps you identify your blind spots, overcome your self-imposed obstacles, and fulfill your true potential.

Confidentiality 100% guaranteed.
Sessions can be conducted via telephone, Skype or Google Hangout.
Limited slots available. Email for pricing and availability.