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Plot Your Course

Plot Your Course — career mapping for UX practitioners
with your coach, Whitney Hess

You design websites, apps, digital products of all kinds. You design your office, your home, even your nights out with friends. You know what it takes to craft an incredible experience. But when was the last time you turned the lens on yourself? Are you the designer of your own career?

When you work in User Experience, anything is possible. And that’s part of the problem! Whether you’re new to UX or at an inflection point in your career, eventually we all lose our sense of direction. Then we start to wonder: where do I want to go and how the heck do I get there? But with so many options and no clear path ahead, how can we ever find your way?


You’ve been waiting for someone else to give you the map, to grant you permission to have the career in User Experience you’ve been dreaming about. You’re letting other people decide your fate.

Haven’t you had enough? Aren’t you ready to define your success on your own terms?


It may be time to Plot Your Course if:

  • You feel like you’ve plateaued and don’t know what challenge to tackle next
  • You’re hindered by a corporate culture that isn’t conducive to great UX work
  • You feel like something is missing and you just don’t know what it is
  • You’re desperate to do work that matters and make a difference in people’s lives
  • You’re scared it may be too late to “start over”
  • You’re just not sure anymore if User Experience is the work you’re meant to do


UX is still so new and constantly evolving. It’s no surprise you’re struggling to figure it all out. I did too. Until I finally realized the truth about the field of User Experience.

There is no predefined UX career path. You get to map your own.

You can be the captain of your own ship. I’ll be your navigator. You don’t have to do this alone, but you do have to take command. It’s time for you to do what all the leaders you love in this field have already done. We’ve made our own rules. Let me show you how.


People who Plot Their Course have:

  • Developed new skills
  • Sold their best ideas
  • Earned greater responsibility
  • Taken on paying side projects
  • Received praise from coworkers
  • Been offered speaking gigs
  • Found their mentors
  • Redesigned their portfolios
  • Entered grad school
  • Launched to rave reviews
  • Earned raises and promotions
  • Found more meaningful work

I will always be grateful for your help with my own journey. I’ve had to do the work, but your listening, reframing, and guidance have been such a huge help. Even when I do have those moments of doubt, I think of our conversations and the tools you’ve given me to push forward.” – A.M.


I have spent the last decade building a career in User Experience, from being an interaction designer at a digital agency, to a user experience researcher at a financial software company, to running my own business since 2008. I love what I have created for myself and I want you to have the same.

Your most important project is you. Use the principles and methods of UX that you already know to design your own career.

When I was three years out of college and unclear what was next, I asked my boss about the UX career path. “I don’t know what the UX career path is,” he said, “but whatever you do, don’t follow mine.” Scared and confused, I slowly got involved in the UX community, looking for guidance and inspiration. By observing the careers of others and asking a lot of questions, I began to map out my own desired trajectory.

Now seven years later, I’ve gone from a full-time wireframer to a certified professional coach, from designing interfaces to designing companies. When you Plot Your Course, I will share the stages of my professional evolution — how I decided what each step would be, how I made it happen, and what is coming next — and show you how to use the same techniques to design your own career. Together we can expand the role of User Experience within our own communities and across organizations worldwide.


When you Plot Your Course, you’ll receive:

  • A 3-hour virtual workshop where I will introduce you to the framework and walk through all 10 exercises in depth — and share my journey thus far
  • A comprehensive workbook for you to get messy and start mapping now
  • 3 one-hour private coaching sessions with me to amp up your progress
  • Recordings of the workshop and all private sessions
  • Résumé and portfolio review and recommendations
  • Introductions to potential employers, mentors and allies

Together we’ll make your UX career map with these 10 activities:

  1. Career Objectives: What do you want your legacy to be?
  2. Target Audiences: Who do you wish to serve?
  3. Problem and Purpose: What is the purpose of your work?
  4. Success Metrics: How do you want to define your success?
  5. Scope Assessments: How competent are you within each domain of UX?
  6. Growth Roadmap: What does your ideal UX trajectory look like?
  7. Functions and Capabilities: What skills will you need to long-term?
  8. Phased Development Plan: What new skills will have the most impact now?
  9. Marketing Plan: How can you get the right attention from the right people?
  10. Daily Habits: What is one thing you can start doing today?

    I’m thrilled that I was able to be a part of this with you. I’ve gained so much from our work together, there are no words to say just how appreciative I am for all of your guidance and wisdom. Thank you so very, very, very much. It really is an honor to have you as my coach.” — C.B.


    How does Plot Your Course work?

    1. Pick one of these workshops, whichever time works best for you:

    • Monday, January 26, 2015, 7-10pm EST / 4-7pm PST / 8-11am SGT (next day)
    • Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 1-4pm EST / 10am-1pm PST / 6-9pm GMT
    • Friday, January 30, 2015, 4-7pm EST / 1-4pm PST / 8-11am AEDT (next day)

    After that, workshops won’t be offered again until May 2015.

    2. Once you’ve completed the workshop, we will schedule our 3 one-on-one coaching sessions over the next 3 months. More sessions are available for an additional fee.

    What does it cost?

    The full program is $995.00 USD per person. That includes everything.
    Credit cards and Paypal accepted. If you don’t love it, it’s free.

    I want to Plot My Course!