Run a Tight Ship — UX workshops for decision makers

Whether your team is new to user experience, has yet to adopt a consistent design process, or is operating without a product strategy, you have the power to change how your team makes decisions. And it starts with just one workshop. redesign workshop | photo collage by attendee Roy Scholten redesign workshop | photo collage by attendee Roy Scholten

It may be time to Run a Tight Ship if:

  • Your team has a huge feature list to tackle and needs a strategy for prioritizing it
  • You’ve been getting customer complaints and can’t seem to fix the problem
  • Your company is ready to start a redesign and wants to do things right this time
  • Your team and your stakeholders have differing opinions on what’s best for the customer and the business, and you can’t move forward until there’s a resolution

It’s going to be a lot of hard work and will require your team’s undivided attention. You will rethink how you and your team have been making decisions, come to terms with just how little you know about your customers (and each other), and change the way you work together forever. If you’re willing to go there, keep reading.


rickcusickWhitney started a cultural shift that has continued to date. Metaphorically, she planted the UX tree that continues to grow in our organization.” ~ Rick Cusick, CIO, Reading Plus


Once teams learn how to Run a Tight Ship, they can:

  • Determine how and when to apply UX methods
  • Make sense of customer feedback
  • Tackle feature bloat
  • Defend against unfounded demands
  • Reduce team conflicts
  • Build stakeholder consensus
  • Make customers happy (and colleagues, too!)

213With worldwide recognition for her work, Whitney has helped establish a user experience discipline within product and engineering teams at dozens of Fortune 500s, nonprofits and growing startups. Her clients routinely report increased usage and reduced customer complaints after working with her. They spend less money making poor choices and make more money from happier customers. They devise long-term strategies for product growth by developing greater empathy for their customers to better predict their future needs. Best of all, they feel more confident in their decisions as a team, enjoy working together more, and find greater purpose in their work.

When you Run a Tight Ship, your team will collaborate to:

  • Clarify business objectives and key performance indicators
  • Analyze and prioritize customer/user segments
  • Catalog all potential use case scenarios
  • Brainstorm features and functionality, then prioritize into a product roadmap
  • Storyboard key scenarios for highest priority user types
  • Inventory and organize all screens/pages
  • Sketch key screens/pages to start planning UI design

It will be fun, it will be challenging, and it will result in a lot of sticky notes. But in short order, you’ll have consensus on what you want to achieve and how you intend to achieve it.


Kitty KoldingWorking with Whitney was not just a pleasure, but a transformative business experience.” ~ Kitty Kolding, CEO, House Party



Armed with a decade of experience and a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, Whitney Hess is an expert in making technology easier and more pleasurable to use. She has honed the leading tools and techniques for understanding customer problems and resolving them immediately. But she doesn’t just design usable interfaces; she goes deeper to foster an organizational culture that empowers teams to do their best work.

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