links for 2008-02-23

XHTML Challenge: Home – Comparing sites based on xhtml markup (tags: xhtml code challenge markup) Photojojo’s Photo Time Capsule (tags: flickr photography photojojo) Oh, Twitter! A place to find all things Twitter, created by a couple who met over Twitter. (tags: twitter blog) Iconfactory: Xscope A powerful set of tools for measuring, aligning and inspecting [Keep Reading…]

Monday PM Linkage

Adaptive Path interview with Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith “Zipcar is uniquely a self-service business. What we’re trying to do is give you a very conveniently located automobile that doesn’t require human interaction or human intervention to get into it. And that requires a lot of technology in the background, but hopefully it is very simple [Keep Reading…]

Thursday AM Linkage

LinkedIn Founder Has Golden Touch An article about a businessman with good instincts Thanks, xoost You Suck at Photoshop A humorous and biting set of tutorials from a guy who sounds just like Dane Cook Thanks, Photojojo Redesign Me A place where people complain about bad design and propose new solutions Thanks, Core77 Design Blog [Keep Reading…]