Tweetup Success

Last night was the second NYC Tweetup that I helped to organize. The first was a couple weeks ago at the 79th Street Boat Basin. It was a lovely evening, but only five people showed (@efortiz, @hikirsch, @webmetricsguru, @ewphoto and @coreyh). All great people and I thank them for trekking all the way west! Eduardo [Keep Reading…]

Links from 5/5/2008 to 5/7/2008

A Model for Understanding Professional Identity and PracticeAndrew Hinton expounds on a piece of his closing keynote at IA Summit Webby Award Winners cooperBricolage – coworking in NYCCoworking space in Alphabet City Nutopia WorkspaceCoworking space in TriBeCa In Good CompanyA coworking space for women entrepreneurs

Links from 4/29/2008 to 5/1/2008

Sidebar CreativeBryan Veloso, Jonathan Snook, Dan Rubin and Steve Smith Get Satisfaction?s Nice Import Profile Feature – Own Your IdentityVia Josh Porter Dunbar's number – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"The supposed cognitive limit to the number of individuals with whom any one person can maintain stable social relationship" Lenovo making fun of MacBook Air | YouTube [Keep Reading…]

Links from 4/13/2008 to 4/29/2008

Health Care Social NetworkingList of community sites Twitter Blog: A little spring cleaningSome UI tweaks I hope someday a one-word micro-blog post keeps you out of a Middle Eastern prisonFrom Articles by Ari Spool – The Stranger, Seattle's Only NewspaperJared Spool's lovely daughter Down for everyone or just me?Pretty sweet way to check if [Keep Reading…]

Google’s Design Principles

I owe you a proper recap of Leah Buley‘s earth-shattering presentation at the IA Summit, but because my computer battery had died and I was taking notes on paper, I’ve been lazy about typing it all up. In any case, one of the things she talked about was the importance of using Design Principles to [Keep Reading…]

GEL 2008: Day 2, Session 4 “Success”

[Also check out other GEL 2008 posts: Day 1; Day 2 Session 1 “Connect”, Session 2 “Twist”, Session 3 “Make”] Session 4: Success Speakers: Nayla Al-Khaja, Marissa Mayer, Garrett Oliver, Bob Mankoff, Chip Conley Nayla Al-Khaja, producer and director Nayla is from Dubai, the first producer and director in the United Arab Emirates 35 years [Keep Reading…]