The user experience of a staircase

As I was going over the Triboro Bridge on the way to JFK on Friday, I saw a metal staircase high above the traffic that construction workers use to access the top of the bridge tower. Seeing it from a distance made me appreciate for the first time that a staircase is great design. It’s [Keep Reading…]

Plurk You

I’ve been wanting to write about Plurk for a while. Everyone seemed to be so enamored with it when it first launched, but maybe that was because Twitter was experiencing serious downtime and people were pissed off — not because it was anything actually worth being excited about. The first time I logged on, I [Keep Reading…]

Links from 6/9/2008 to 6/16/2008

Adobe TV – CooperCooper's tips and tricks on using Fireworks the PIXEL IMPLOSION!Bobby Anderson's visual design/icon portfolio Patterns for Designing a Reputation System » Yahoo! User Interface BlogBy Christian Crumlish @mediajunkie Screencast: Finder Window Icon Trick @ Dan Rubin?s SuperfluousBanterNever knew you could add "quick links" to the Finder window Mark Zuckerberg – Dickipedia – A [Keep Reading…]

Tim Russert dead, so says Twitter

Tim Russert is dead at 58 from an apparent heart attack. And I found out via Twitter. Before it was on CNN. Before it was on the New York Times. Before I could Google it anywhere, Tim Russert’s death was reported on Twitter. This is the power of word-of-mouth. If you page back in the [Keep Reading…]

Bluefly don’t bother me

It’s been hot in NYC lately. Very hot. So it’s time to buy some more dresses. But being the busy woman that I am, I don’t have a ton of time to go shopping. I decided to check out a few websites to see if anything caught my eye. I’ve never shopped at, but [Keep Reading…]

Pleasure and Pain on kirtsy!

A big, big thanks goes to for including my blog post, “Why I Don’t Have an iPhone (but might someday)” in their Editors’ Picks! kirtsy, formerly known as sk*rt, is called a “Digg for Chicks.” Even Guy Kawasaki loves it. I’m honored to be mentioned. Endless thanks. Now go pimp the hell out of [Keep Reading…]

Why I Don’t Have an iPhone (but might someday)

As you probably know, Apple released iPhone 2.0 yesterday. Watch Steve Jobs’ WWDC Keynote Address if you haven’t already seen it. I watched it live on MacRumors, and when it was over I Twittered this: That comment solicited quite a reaction from my Twitterverse. Two examples: As a designer and gadget geek, I’m constantly asked [Keep Reading…]