My Beef with the NYC Taxicab Touchscreens

If you’ve ridden in a NYC taxicab in the past 6 months, you’ve likely noticed the touchscreen TV in the back seat. At first I thought this was a great innovation — GPS-powered maps to show the distance between me and my destination, real-time local news, restaurant reviews and events listings. Then I tried using [Keep Reading…]

Pacific Northwest Roadtrip 2008

I’ve been absent from the blog for a while because I’ve been on vacation (one of many this summer). First I spent the weekend in San Francisco visiting friends from college, wandering around the city and hanging with my “community of practice” peeps (thanks to Josh Williams for organizing brunch and Lorri Nault for putting [Keep Reading…]

The user experience of a staircase

As I was going over the Triboro Bridge on the way to JFK on Friday, I saw a metal staircase high above the traffic that construction workers use to access the top of the bridge tower. Seeing it from a distance made me appreciate for the first time that a staircase is great design. It’s [Keep Reading…]

Plurk You

I’ve been wanting to write about Plurk for a while. Everyone seemed to be so enamored with it when it first launched, but maybe that was because Twitter was experiencing serious downtime and people were pissed off — not because it was anything actually worth being excited about. The first time I logged on, I [Keep Reading…]

Links from 6/9/2008 to 6/16/2008

Adobe TV – CooperCooper's tips and tricks on using Fireworks the PIXEL IMPLOSION!Bobby Anderson's visual design/icon portfolio Patterns for Designing a Reputation System » Yahoo! User Interface BlogBy Christian Crumlish @mediajunkie Screencast: Finder Window Icon Trick @ Dan Rubin?s SuperfluousBanterNever knew you could add "quick links" to the Finder window Mark Zuckerberg – Dickipedia – A [Keep Reading…]

Tim Russert dead, so says Twitter

Tim Russert is dead at 58 from an apparent heart attack. And I found out via Twitter. Before it was on CNN. Before it was on the New York Times. Before I could Google it anywhere, Tim Russert’s death was reported on Twitter. This is the power of word-of-mouth. If you page back in the [Keep Reading…]