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Remember The Milk – Q&A Time!A bunch of random facts you probably didn't know about Remember the MilkTags: blog productivity Writing – Cooking – Life » Blog Archive » I Heart ZapposAmazing customer service story about ZapposTags: business service shopping Heat Eat Review : We Review TV Dinners, Frozen Meals, and Microwavable FoodsTags: blog food [Keep Reading…]

WordPress 2.5 is released

Two days ago WordPress released a sneak peek of their latest version, 2.5. Redesigned from the ground up by the team at Happy Cog Studios, the WordPress Admin area now has improved navigation, organization and integration. The visual design looks pretty sleek, too. The folks at WordPress included a lot of screenshots in their post [Keep Reading…]

My BlackBerry Wishlist

RIM, Mike Lazaridis, if you’re out there, listen up. Here are my recommendations for improving the BlackBerry user experience: 1- Provide the ability to “Add To Existing Contact.” I don’t want to have to copy a new phone number or e-mail address from a message and paste it into the entry in my address book. [Keep Reading…]

Dare to VMware

The design team at work recently switched to Macs and we’re running VMware Fusion for things like Microsoft Office, SharePoint and our proprietary trading software. There are some pretty cool things about VMware that are worth calling out before I get into the rough stuff. VMware has a feature called “Unity mode” (similar to Parallels’ [Keep Reading…]

Developing a Website

I am a designer and not a developer, but every now and then I like to tinker with code — you know, just to prove that I made the right career choice. I started out as a computer science major after all. Sometimes when I get a side job to design a website, I end [Keep Reading…]

NY Tech Meetup – March 2008

Okay, so the Meetup was almost two weeks ago, but I’ve been sick so give me a break! Better late than never to report back from this month’s NY Tech Meetup at the lovely IAC building. For the first time, this month’s lineup was based on a theme: “Power to the People: The Future of [Keep Reading…]

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Tech Beat Apple's design process – BusinessWeekTags: Apple design process SXSW: Zuckerberg Keynote Descends Into Chaos As the Audience Takes OverTags: facebook interview sxsw twitter Video: Twitter in Plain English | Common Craft – Explanations In Plain EnglishTags: definitions twitter video The Freelancer?s Toolset: 100 Web Apps for Everything You Will Possibly NeedTags: productivity tools [Keep Reading…]