Feed Reader: Inbox Zero

Oh happy day! As I’ve said before, I find it nearly impossible to keep up with the steady stream of information that gets pushed at me all sorts of ways. In the case of my RSS feeds, I’ve opted in, chosen to receive this deluge of content, and yet it still feels like a job [Keep Reading…]

Spam that sells

I’ve received all sorts of crazy spam over the years, as I’m sure you all have. But this week I got a spam message that was targeted, personalized, and appealed to my deep desire for self-promotion: I thought about telling you the company that sent this to me, but that would justify their unsolicited email. [Keep Reading…]

People you may know

Earlier this week, Facebook released a new feature called “People You May Know.” Three random friends of friends are displayed in the right sidebar of your homepage in the hopes that you’ll make more connections. When you click the “see all” link, a longer list of possible friends is offered up. Of the 27 people [Keep Reading…]

Google goes dark

No this is not an error. This is actually what the Google homepage looks like today. Google has “turned the lights out” on their homepage in support of Earth Hour. On Saturday, March 29, 2008, Earth Hour invites people around the world to turn off their lights for one hour – from 8:00pm to 9:00pm [Keep Reading…]

Links from 3/25/2008 to 3/27/2008

Bill Gates gets a retirement gift from Carnegie Mellon Adobe Photoshop Express – Made You Look.A completely free web-based application of Photoshop Free Web Version of Photoshop Launches Drug Deal on Google Maps What Should I Read Next?Give it a book title and author, and it'll give you a list of suggested books Flickr: Photos [Keep Reading…]

Links from 3/22/2008 to 3/25/2008

The Origin Of The iChat UIDrawn in ClarisWorks, the old school Mac app I miss the most Most Designers Really Think They?re Dentists The Toad Stool: 10 Things I Hate About Twitter True Story of a Twitter Marriage Proposal | The Underwire from Wired.com Google Gives All SF Homeless Free Voicemail – KNTV-TV- msnbc.comVia Design [Keep Reading…]


Whether you view your friends’ tweets on Twitter.com or through one of the many desktop clients (Twhirl, Snitter, Twitterific), they’re always listed in backwards chronological order — latest tweet in the Friend Timeline at the top. A few websites out there use the API to display the tweets in different orders and configurations. Ones that [Keep Reading…]