Facebook Chat

Last Sunday, April 6, brought the launch of the long-awaited Facebook Chat. According to TechCrunch, the feature is so far only available to select members. According to Facebook, “we’re rolling this out slowly.” Not entirely surprising given the backlash that has previously occurred when FB releases new stuff without any warning or feedback and then [Keep Reading…]

Bookmarks for 4/10/2008

BlackBerry Curve 8330 launching on Verizon in May – EngadgetI bought the 8830 World Edition in November, but I really want this sucker! Can’t wait Rock Band moshes over to Wii on June 22nd – EngadgetWoo hoo! It’ll be an early birthday present to myself TPN :: The Connections Show » Connections #028 – The [Keep Reading…]

Meet me at IA Summit 2008

Tomorrow afternoon I’m heading down to Miami, FL to attend IA Summit 2008, a conference for information architects. While I don’t strictly call myself an IA, information architecture is a very important part of what I do as a user experience designer. Many of the most influential leaders in our field will be speaking or [Keep Reading…]

Flickr introduces video

Flickr announced today that they are now offering video. Now when you log in to Flickr, this is what you see: Before I go any further, I have to admit that while I watch a lot of video online, I don’t post much video online. Aside from helping my mom post her videos to YouTube, [Keep Reading…]

Links from 4/4/2008 to 4/5/2008

Microsoft Gives Yahoo Ultimatum: Sign Deal In 3 Weeks Or We Cut Bid – Silicon Alley InsiderWhen Google sweep in and end this? Seesmic + Twhirl is a Vision of the Web's Future – ReadWriteWebThis could be really awesome or a huge failure. As a Twhirl user, I'm hoping for the former. Red Envelope Saga [Keep Reading…]

The importance of delivery to New Yorkers

I recently discovered Wakozi.com, what TechCrunch called “Kozmo for booze.” For those of you who never knew Kozmo.com, they were a movie-and-snacks delivery service that operated in Manhattan (and later in other cities) in the late-90s. Their angle was that they delivered your order for free in under an hour. I was one of their [Keep Reading…]