Photo of the day: Elevator madness

Believe it or not, I don’t really have anything negative to say about this elevator panel, just that it’s rather overwhelming the first time you see it. But I’ve seen it many times, so it no longer phases me. There are two panels because the elevator has two doors, one on each side — there [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Street Lihgting

Look closely. Do you see it? I’ve been passing this lamppost for more than 5 years, and happened to notice this ridiculousness a long time ago. Last week when I passed by it again, I finally decided to snap a pic. I don’t know enough about how these street lights get installed or how the [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Blankets Kill Grass

NO BLANKETS ALLOWED BLANKETS KILL GRASS Killjoy, man! Way to harsh my mellow. I just wanted to lie out in the park. I mean, thanks for giving me a reason why, but did you have to be so blunt? How about: “Blankets Hurt Grass.” I’d feel a lot better about that. Spotted at Washington Market [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Push to take toilet paper

I snapped this shot inside the spiffy public restroom at Madison Square Park. The restroom cleans itself after every use, a total water-and-soap spray-down of the entire space. So naturally, the toilet paper can’t be exposed — it would get soaked! Instead, it’s hidden behind a trap door. When you press the button, the metal [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Burn Calories, Not Electricity

While attending Smart Experience’s Web Navigation Design workshop with Jim Kalbach at the Center for Architecture, I noticed this great sign by the elevator: Burn Calories, Not Electricity Take the Stairs! Walking up the stairs just 2 minutes a day helps prevent weight gain. It also helps the environment. I did a little investigation and [Keep Reading…]