Quotes to live by

The design team moved downstairs to a new office space last week. We took over the former space of Jack Morton, an experience marketing agency. On one of the walls in the lobby is a set of quotes presumably said by Jack himself. I walked past a bunch of times without paying much attention, but [Keep Reading…]

The value of personas

I’ve never been completely convinced that personas are a valuable design tool. And I think that’s because I’ve been confused all along. To me, personas are the total sum of silly names, stock photography and forced lists of likes and dislikes. The act of creating the personas is worthwhile because I solidify in my mind [Keep Reading…]

Thursday AM Linkage

LinkedIn Founder Has Golden Touch An article about a businessman with good instincts Thanks, xoost You Suck at Photoshop A humorous and biting set of tutorials from a guy who sounds just like Dane Cook Thanks, Photojojo Redesign Me A place where people complain about bad design and propose new solutions Thanks, Core77 Design Blog [Keep Reading…]


“Gridjit is an easy way to turn your Twitter-verse into a grid view” But why on earth would you want to? So far as I can tell, this serves absolutely no purpose. Just another example of “just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.” Can anyone figure out how this is useful?


Just installed Snitter and wanted to give you my quick thoughts. I had to install Adobe Air first, which I’m glad about because I’ve been meaning to do it for a while. Then the Snitter install took 30 seconds. My immediate reaction to the interface is that it’s nice and simple, and pretty (I like [Keep Reading…]

Twitter: Fun and Effective

Okay, so I’m addicted to Twitter already. But who could blame me?! There are a ton of cool mashups and apps out there, and I feel like I’m just beginning to scratch the surface. Today’s finds are… Tweeterboard A look at the most influential people on Twitter. Most popular today, this week, in general. Top [Keep Reading…]

CrowdVine Schedule problems

IxDA Interaction 08 is using CrowdVine for pre-conference social networking. I think it’s an awesome idea, and so far CV has been great. I’ve been able to connect with a bunch of fellow attendees, including a good friend of mine from grad school who I didn’t know would be there. It’s a great way to [Keep Reading…]