Photo of the day: MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY

It’s so comforting to know that in times of imminent danger, our stress call will require seven careful steps.

I saw this sign posted on the Governors Island Ferry when heading back to Manhattan after a nice birthday picnic in the park. You may recall that New York City has had some ferry trouble in the past, so it was a bit disconcerting to discover that there isn’t just a big red telephone aboard these ships in the event of an emergency. What happens if you’re in a panic and you don’t follow the appropriate procedure?

Despite the seriousness of the usability issue here, I was tickled to see that step #1 is to ensure that the radio is turned on — having worked as tech help for two years in college, this is what I call a classic.

I also wonder if stress is what caused the top left of the Plexiglas to crack off.

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  1. Jaanus says

    Where they have “vessel name and description,” they should just say what those are. How do you know what's the vessel name and description? I guess if these instructions are for staff though, they actually would know that…

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