Twitter tweaks the homepage, again

A month ago I wrote about Twitter finally integrating Twitter Search into their homepage by adding a search box and the Top 10 Trends to the nav bar.

Now it’s been redesigned yet again.

The search box has been moved to the right sidebar, along with the trends listed out (instead of hiding in a dropdown). And thankfully Profile and Settings were put back into the top nav.

I really wonder how these decisions are being made and if any testing is going on.

Someone out there in Twitter land, let me know, or better yet, just hire me as your user experience designer. Thanks!

[Update: Twitter published a blog post about the new homepage yesterday, calling it Discovery Engine.]

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  1. says

    I think this is typical of the philosophy that users are users, not contributors to the backstage Twittersphere.

    I also believe that there'll be a big change in the next five working days to redefine convergence. T is only a couple of steps away from being the next Google, after all. I think we're on the cusp of a hockey stick increase in its userbase.

  2. says

    You must be on some special list on twitter, because my homepage/profile never had the search bar in the upper right. The side bar that you show up there isn't present on mine either.

    Perhaps you are unwittingly user testing their new designs and blogging about it is how they get their user feedback ;)

  3. rickg says

    At least you have a search box. They've never rolled it out to me so I would assume it's still being tested albeit with a subset of live people.

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