Uh oh… I’m in twubble

Dave Malouf shared a cool link today. It’s a (new?) “People you may know” tool for Twitter. This was a great tip for me since I’d recently written about the topic.

Twubble finds the most common people your Twitter friends are following (who you aren’t).

The scan starts when you click on “Find some friends!”:

Is it really any surprise that Jason Calacanis was the top result?

If you click on the Locality Filter checkbox, the list is reordered by “people who are popular locally but not so much globally.” I couldn’t find out what they mean by “local” or how it’s calculated.

And don’t worry, you can keep searching (almost) infinitely just by clicking the “More” button at the bottom of the page. Pretty similar implementation to Dopplr‘s “suggest more people”.

Clicking on the Google “G” icon beside each person opens up a web search for their name.

People have been (not really) joking about Facebook’s new “people you may know” feature that by and large it’s just a list of people you don’t really like and don’t want to follow (or vice versa). Except I think this is less than case for Twitter.

On Facebook, every name is accompanied by a thumbnail pic. Info on people you aren’t connected to is published in the News Feed if your connections have had any interaction with them. There are groups, and lots of ways to search, and it’s far more popularized than Twitter. So I think it would be fair to assume that you’ve found at least most of your friends on Facebook already.

On the other hand, connections between people on Twitter are only displayed in @ replies in the stream and on the individual “following” pages of each of your followers. My point is that it’s a lot harder to find people on Twitter. And it’s emergent. So Twubble actually provides much needed visibility into the overlapping networks of your friends.

Who’s the most popular Twitterer in your Twitterverse? Go to Twubble and find out…

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