Ten Best Things and Five Worst Things About the BlackBerry

Ten Best Things about the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition:

  1. Battery status is expressed in 5% increments, so you never have to estimate how much juice you have left
  2. “Convenience key” can be set to open any app, or can be used to lock the device (you choose!)
  3. Unlimited custom profiles give you detailed control of your alerts — I’ve made one for work (vibrate for calls, ping for text messages, silent for emails), one for home (ring loudly for calls, ping for text messages, silent for emails), and one for nights out (vibrate for calls, text messages and emails)
  4. BlackBerry Messenger lets you IM with anyone who has a BlackBerry. It’s 100% free and outrageously simple. Plus you can see when each message has been delivered and when it’s been read
  5. Unlimited third-party apps: Facebook App — ’nuff said
  6. Programmable auto-correct accommodates your own personal shorthand
  7. Opens almost any e-mail attachment: .zip, .htm, .html, .doc, .dot, .ppt, .pdf, .wpd, .txt, .vcf, .xls, .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tif, .wmf, and .wav
  8. Any phone number sent in an e-mail or text message is automatically recognized and underlined for one-click dialing
  9. Copy and paste all over that sh*t (hah, iPhone users!)
  10. Verizon

Five Worst Things About the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition:

  1. Facebook app — ’nuff said
  2. Sometimes loses the 1XEV network (which lets me get my emails and browse the web) and the only way to restart is to remove the battery
  3. Automatic backlight that adjusts to your lighting condition is very temperamental (at least you can turn it off)
  4. Browser is slow and sometimes freezes when loading a really big page
  5. It’s not the BlackBerry Curve

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  1. Braden Kowitz says

    My little scroll ball popped off my blackberry, rolled off the table and onto the floor, and then my poor trackball, it rolled out the door. Thankfully, I was able to re-attach it. But, I couldn’t scroll left.

    This new scrolling impediment was in addition to blackberry’s “personality”: frequent null pointer exceptions, requiring a restart once a day, and only allowing me to answer about half my calls.

    I loved my blackberry… but over time, we drifted apart. I have a rebound relationship now. It’s not as quick, but I think me and my iPhone will have a happy year or two together.


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