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Domino’s Pizza: Be Inspired By Your Harshest Critics

We all know that Domino’s Pizza isn’t exactly a New York slice. But when Domino’s finally realized just how many people hate their product, they did something drastic about it. Watch the video below. Whatever you think about Domino’s Pizza, whatever you feel about the brand, you have to admit one thing: it takes a [Keep Reading…]

Take our Twitter survey for a chance to win a $200 Amazon gift card

It would mean a lot to me if you could please take a moment to complete the survey below. I’m helping to design a new Twitter client and your input will be invaluable. Thank you. Survey link: http://bit.ly/4mMZWJ Fill out my Wufoo form! Tweet this survey!

Whit Hour – Week 2

Thank you so much to the 20 or so folks who showed up for the second week of Whit Hour — my new weekly one-hour video chat to answer any and all of your questions about user experience, consulting, and whatever else you throw at me. Join me next week on Sunday, August 16, 9-10pm [Keep Reading…]