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Web 2.0 Expo NY: Jason Fried’s “10 Things We’ve Learned at 37signals”

I was really looking forward to seeing Jason Fried of 37signals speak because he has a particular reputation — I suppose you could call it a big ego. In all honesty, he didn’t phase me at all. Maybe I’m jaded. While I didn’t agree with all of his points, I found his perspective rather refreshing. [Keep Reading…]

Web 2.0 Expo NY: Lane Becker’s “Customer Service is the New Marketing”

The first session I attended on Wednesday morning at Web 2.0 Expo NY was “Customer Service is the New Marketing” by Lane Becker (a.k.a. @monstro), co-founder of Adaptive Path & Get Satisfaction My Twitter notes from the session: @monstro telling the @zappos story about the woman who didn’t return her shoes on time b/c her [Keep Reading…]

Web 2.0 Expo NY: Joshua Porter’s “Designing for Community”

Here is the first of many round-ups from this week’s Web 2.0 Expo NY. Tuesday afternoon featured in-depth half-day sessions. I was only able to attend in the afternoon and I caught Josh Porter’s “Designing for Community.” My Twitter stream from the session: @bokardo is currently doing UX design for Chi.mp. Mentioned party tonight @shakeshack [Keep Reading…]

Find me at Web 2.0 Expo NY this week

O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo is in New York this week at the Javits Center. This is the largest tech conference that NY has ever seen and those of us who live here are thrilled to finally get the attention that NY tech so greatly deserves. There are eight tracks for four days of sessions, everything [Keep Reading…]

IDEA2008: Cross-disciplinary Design Conference, Chicago, IL, October 7-8

Take a look at my Dopplr page and you’ll see that I’ll be doing a lot of traveling between now and May. One of the trips I’m most excited about is to Chicago next month for the IDEA conference. Unlike many conferences that appeal to user experience designers, this one is considerably broader in the [Keep Reading…]

I Am Not A Woman Blogger

I am a woman (if the photo wasn’t clear). But I am not a woman blogger. BlogHer ’08 is going on in San Francisco right now. I know some ladies who are there, and it would’ve been great to be there just to meet a new-and-noteworthy group of people. But I have to be honest [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2008 Closing Plenary: “Linkosophy” by Andrew Hinton

Much, much, MUCH overdue is the recap of Andrew Hinton‘s closing plenary titled “Linkosophy” at this year’s IA Summit. Andrew’s talk, equal parts intellectualism and practicality, was just what our field has been hungry for. Andrew is a uniter, not a divider, and I greatly appreciated the plain, honest tone he used when he told [Keep Reading…]