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IA Summit 2008: Matthew Milan’s “The IA and the Fighter Pilot”

I love presentations that at the surface seem irrelevant but underneath have a lot to teach us about how we approach our work and think about our practice. Matthew Milan of Critical Mass did just that with his talk titled “The IA and the Fighter Pilot.” Thanks goes to David Armano for insisting that I [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2008: LukeW’s “Content Page Design Best Practices”

I was very happy to have caught the reprise of Luke Wroblewski‘s “Content Page Design Best Practices” at the IA Summit. Thanks to Luke for doing it twice! Here’s what I twittered during the talk: Content = making good on the links that sites deliver across the web Before redesign, Chicago Tribune article page: 24% [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2008: Gene Smith’s “Tagging: Five emerging trends”

Gene Smith of nForm is the tagging guru. Having recently published Tagging: People Powered Metadata for the Social Web, he is a veritable encyclopedia of all things metadata. In his talk at IA Summit, Gene identified five emerging trends in the use of tagging online: More structure Automanual folksonomies Leveraging communities Rethinking pace layers Sparking [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2008: Brandon Schauer’s “The Long Wow”

Here are my notes from Brandon Schauer‘s talk titled “The Long Wow” at this year’s IA Summit. The pedometer doesn’t change with your life. It’s the same every day Meanwhile, Nike+ integrates with your sneakers, music, computer. It’s increasingly useful the longer you have it Products with the Long Wow have user experience that unfolds [Keep Reading…]

Meet me at IA Summit 2008

Tomorrow afternoon I’m heading down to Miami, FL to attend IA Summit 2008, a conference for information architects. While I don’t strictly call myself an IA, information architecture is a very important part of what I do as a user experience designer. Many of the most influential leaders in our field will be speaking or [Keep Reading…]

NY Tech Meetup — April 2008

Just got home from this month’s NY Tech Meetup, which Scott said is the 42nd meeting so far. I’m talking about Scott Heiferman, CEO and co-founder of Meetup.com. He started NY Tech and is the MC for every event. This month they packed in eight presenters at five minutes each, so things moved pretty swiftly. [Keep Reading…]

People you may know

Earlier this week, Facebook released a new feature called “People You May Know.” Three random friends of friends are displayed in the right sidebar of your homepage in the hopes that you’ll make more connections. When you click the “see all” link, a longer list of possible friends is offered up. Of the 27 people [Keep Reading…]