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Reader E-mail: “Follow your dreams while you can”

I just wanted to post an amazing e-mail that I received from Martha Mihaly in response to my post on going solo. It really made me sit up straight and take stock of what I’m doing here — getting involved in the community, making my own rules and exploring my passion. This e-mail, from one [Keep Reading…]

From the Archive: Changing Majors

The Google 2001 search engine inspired me to use the Internet Archive to find my old Carnegie Mellon student website. The furthest instance back had links to my Fall 2001 class schedule (first semester sophomore year), my “résumé in its entirety” and a real gem — a manifesto I wrote on why I had decided [Keep Reading…]

From the Archive: Interview with The Baltimore Sun

In honor of their 10th birthday, Google has brought back their oldest available index, from 2001. I decided to search for myself to see what I was up to back then. I found a few things that I’ll post here on the blog. Below is a hilarious article that I had completely forgotten about. The [Keep Reading…]

I’m running for the 2008 Information Architecture Institute board of directors

The Information Architecture Institute has four open spots on its Board of Directors and the 2008 election process is underway. A few weeks ago, my friend Livia Labate encouraged me to nominate myself, and while I was apprehensive at first, I decided to throw my hat into the ring. I believe I can help to [Keep Reading…]

Week 1 of independence

I just finished my first week of independent consulting with 33.25 billable hours. I’m pretty proud of that. Before I decided to make this leap, I had calculated that I need at minimum 26 hours per week in order to comfortably pay my bills, pay taxes and put some cash away in my IRA. I [Keep Reading…]

I’m going solo

Today is my last day of full-time employment. I have resigned from my role of Design Communicator at Liquidnet, and as of tomorrow will officially be an independent user experience design consultant. The notion of working for myself has always been there, lurking in the dark recesses of my mind. My parents are entrepreneurs and [Keep Reading…]

The outpouring of love for Randy Pausch

When I found out yesterday morning that Randy Pausch had passed away the night before, I felt a wave of regret pour over me. For the things I never said. Like: “Thank you for showing me that my purpose in life is to make other people’s lives better.” That would have been a good start. [Keep Reading…]