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Advergirl gives props to Pleasure and Pain

Big thanks to Leigh Householder for including this blog on her top picks over at Advergirl. I am truly honored to be included in a list of such heavyweights — blogs that are among my favorites and whose authors I admire. I’ll keep delivering the goods, but please don’t hesitate to let me know what [Keep Reading…]

PayPal’s Live Chat Falls Short

I just had a very strange interaction with a PayPal sales rep. I suppose I was sitting on the Website Payments Standard Pricing page for a while, so I was a prime target for a sell. A pop-up appeared (that I failed to capture) asking me if I needed help, so I decided to say [Keep Reading…]

Finding Myself in You

Sometime this weekend I hit 10,000 unique visitors on this measly little blog. (Well, unique cookies at least.) I have been writing here since January 10 of this year. I never expected to attract much of a following, let alone in just four months. Pleasure and Pain is now averaging 920 unique visitors weekly, and [Keep Reading…]

Mozilla finally releases Firefox 3.0

Mozilla released Firefox 3.0 Release Candidate 1 on Friday, but my software update only just alerted me of it. The only change from Firefox 3 Beta 5 that I can see at first glance is the link color in the location bar history. What it used to look like: What is looks like now: Yes, [Keep Reading…]

Links from 5/14/2008 to 5/16/2008

donor.com – home IATS, International Automated Transactions Service. A Ticketmaster company. Network For Good | Nonprofit Online Fundraising The importance of people in experience design (or, why most people hate bike shops)Henning Fischer talks about redesigning person-to-person interaction The Social Network Wars Begin In Earnest: Facebook Bans Google Friend Connect Overwork: the visualJapanese newscaster strikingly [Keep Reading…]

Links from 5/10/2008 to 5/13/2008

Muji Chronotebook: a non-linear way to plan.Via Leah Buley @ http://ugleah.tumblr.com/ Official Google Blog: A friend connected webGoogle Friend Connect allows non-technical site owners to sprinkle social features throughout their websites, so visitors will easily be able to join with their AOL, Google, OpenID, and Yahoo! credentials delicious blog » Firefox 3, del.icio.us, and youBeta [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2008 Closing Plenary: “Linkosophy” by Andrew Hinton

Much, much, MUCH overdue is the recap of Andrew Hinton‘s closing plenary titled “Linkosophy” at this year’s IA Summit. Andrew’s talk, equal parts intellectualism and practicality, was just what our field has been hungry for. Andrew is a uniter, not a divider, and I greatly appreciated the plain, honest tone he used when he told [Keep Reading…]