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UI13: Scott Berkun’s “The Myths of Innovation: How to Lead Breakthrough Projects”

On Day 3 of UI13, I attended a full-day session by Scott Berkun on “The Myths of Innovation: How to Lead Breakthrough Projects.” Innovation is a word that gets thrown around the tech world haphazardly, so I was particularly interested to hear how Scott would legitimize the topic and discuss the ultimate value of forward-thinking. [Keep Reading…]

UI13: Kim Goodwin’s “Where Usability Meets Desirability: Goal-Directed Visual Interface Design”

I attended Jared Spool’s keynote “Journey to the Center of Design” on Day 2 of UI13, but since I had already live-tweeted it when I saw it at IA Summit 2008, I decided just to sit back and watch. In the afternoon, I attended Kim Goodwin‘s “Where Usability Meets Desirability: Goal-Directed Visual Interface Design”. My [Keep Reading…]

UI13: Dana Chisnell’s “Usability Testing in the Wild”

The second day of UI13 was a series of featured talks. I attended sessions by Dana Chisnell and Kim Goodwin, as well as the keynote by Jared Spool. Here are my Twitter notes on Dana’s session, “The Quick, the Cheap, and the Insightful: Conducting Usability Tests in the Wild”: What is usability testing? asked to [Keep Reading…]

UI13: Peter Merholz and Andrew Crow’s “Design Strategy and Planning”

This year Jared Spool‘s UIE put on its 13th User Interface conference. That is an incredible accomplishment for a practice that still feels so new. But Jared is a pioneer in the field; he’s been focused on product usability since 1988 (I was in the 1st grade!). Given UIE’s immense experience in the space, it [Keep Reading…]

UX Bookshelf

In the right sidebar of my blog I promote my UX Bookshelf. I use Amazon Associates just to get the smallest kickback (I’ve never actually made any money with this, but I’d like to!). The other day I noticed that they have a new carousel widget (released in April) that allows you to display up [Keep Reading…]

TweetDeck stream of consciousness

Preamble In my opinion, Twitter is a powerful vehicle for synchronous communication (Asychronous = e-mail; Synchronous = AIM). It’s happening in real-time, and while it’s often called a micro-blogging platform, I think that’s a misnomer. It’s quite different than a blog — a centralized stream of content curated by one or many people. By contrast, [Keep Reading…]

My Beef with the NYC Taxicab Touchscreens

If you’ve ridden in a NYC taxicab in the past 6 months, you’ve likely noticed the touchscreen TV in the back seat. At first I thought this was a great innovation — GPS-powered maps to show the distance between me and my destination, real-time local news, restaurant reviews and events listings. Then I tried using [Keep Reading…]